Software Testing Forever: Old and New Processes and Techniques for Validating Today's Applications

Antonia Bertolino
24.06.2008 9:00 A.M.

Culture of Error Management “Why admit an error when no one will find out?”

Horst Degen-Hientz
24.06.2008 4:00 P.M.

Supporting Experience and Information Flow in Software Projects

Kurt Schneider
25.06.2008 9:00 A.M.

Accepted Full Papers

An Empirical Study on Software Engineering Knowledge/Experience Packages

Ardimento P., Cimitile M.

A Hands-On Approach for Teaching Systematic Review

Baldassarre M. T., Boffoli N., Caivano D., Visaggio G.

From CMMI to SPICE. Experiences on How to Survive ...

Bella F., Hormann K., Vanamali B.

Customized Predictive Models for Process Improvement ...

Birkholzer T., Dickmann C., Klein H., Vaupel J., Ast S.

Impact of Base Functional Component Types on Software ...

Buglione L., Gencel C.

Influential Factors on Incident Management: Lesson Learned ...

Caldera J., Brito Abreu F.

A Fault Prediction Model with Limited Fault Data ...

Catal C., Diri B.

Study of the Evolution of an Agile Project ...

Concase G., Di Francesco M., Marchesi M., Quaresima R., Pinna S.

Managing Uncertainty in ERP Project Estimation...

Daneva M.

Comparing Assessment Methodologies for Free/Open Source ...

Deprez J.-C., Alexandre S.

MIS-PyME Software Measurement Maturity Model …

Diaz-Ley M., Garcia F., Piattini M.

Experience Report on the Effect of Software Development ...

Gupta A., Shull F., Cruzes D., Ackermann C., Ronneberg H.

How Does a Measurement Programme Evolve in Software ...

Harjumaa L., Markkula J., Oivo M.

Goal-oriented Setup and Usage of Custom-tailored S...

Heidrich J., Munch J.

Predicting Software Metrics at Design Time

Holz W., Premraj R., Zimmermann T., Zeller A.

Improving Customer Support Processes: A Case Study

Jantti M., Pylkkanen N.

Towards a Capability Model for the Software Release ...

Lindgren M., Land R., Norstrom C., Wall A.

Virtual Prototypes in Developing Mobile Software ...

Liukkunen K., Etelapera M., Oivo M., Soininen J.-P.

Software Cost Estimation Inhibitors - A Case Study ...

Magazinovic A., Pernstal J., Ohman P.

Towards a Capability Model for the Software Release ...

Lindgren M., Land R., Norstrom C., Wall A.

Automating the Measurement of Functional Size of ...

Marin B., Pastor O., Giachetti G.

Software Process Improvement Methodologies for ...

Mishra D., Mishra A.

A Model to Identify Refactoring Effort ...

Moser R., Pedrycz W., Sillitti A., Succi G.

An Empirical Study Identifying High Perceived Value ...

Niazi M., Babar M. A., Ibrahim S.

A Model for Requirements Change Management: ...

Niazi M., Hickman C., Babar M. A., Ahmad R.

Predicting Software Fault Proneness Model using ...

Singh Y., Kaur A., Malhotra R.

Pitfalls in Remote Team Coordination: Lessons Learned ...

Smite Darja, Moe N. B., Torkar R.

Identifying and Understanding Architectural Risks ...

Slyngstad O. P. N., Li J., Conradi R., Babar M. A.

The application of ISO 9001 to agile software development ...

Stalhane T., Hanssen G. K.

The Affect of Entity Generalization on Software ...

Turetken O., Demirors O., Gencel C., Ozcan T., Ozden , Ozkan B.

Improvements with Small Changes: ...

Valtanen A., Ahonen J.

A Metrics Suite for Measuring Quality ...

Washizaki H., Hiraguchi H., Fukazawa Y.

Accepted Short Papers

The Study on Conversion Methods among IFPUG, NESMA and SPR

Amasaki S., Kikuchi N.

Assessing Process Maturity of Open Source Projects

Ciolkowski M., Soto M.

VSOP Framework: A Framework for Validating Outsourcing Service Suppliers' Processes

Fushida K., Takata J., Nagura M., Kawaguchi S., Iida H.

Assessment and Modeling Results as Managed Process Assets

Mäkinen T., Varkoi T.

Software Process Assessment Model as Reusable Process Library

Mäkinen T., Varkoi T.

Integrated Framework of Development and Assessment Standards for Space Systems

Miyamoto Y., Katahira M., Münch J., Ocampo A.

Developing and Deploying Monitoring Probes to Control Strategic Alignment

Mulazzani F., Russo B., Succi G.

Using Simulation to Validate Intangible and Unobservable Benefits of Agile and Plan- Based Requirements Prioritization Strategies

Port D., Olkov A.

Multidisciplinary Modelling in the Netherlands

Stappers F., Somers L., Reniers M.


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