International Conference on Product-Focused Software Process Improvement

Organizing PROFES

PROFES cares about fundamental ethical values related to diversity, as gender, ethnicity, disability, religion, and similar personal traits. Diversity will be sought at different levels, remarkably including conference committees' composition.

PROFES conference organizers will set as highest priority to provide a welcoming, respectful and positive atmosphere to all attendees. Aggressive or offensive language will not be allowed in talks, questions or answers. Aggressive or offensive behaviour, including any type of harassing, will not be allowed in the event, being a justified reason for expulsion without any compensation.

All PROFES conference committees as well as authors are obliged to follow and apply the Ethical Guideline as available at SPRINGER (replacing journal by conference).

As proposer, you agree to comply with the outlined regulations and guidelines and that you take respective responsibility for "your" event.

The PROFES Steering Committee is welcoming proposals for organizing PROFES conferences at least three years in advance. If your are willing to organize PROFES, please contact the PROFES Steering Committee Chair or any other member of the PROFES Steering Committee

International Conference on Product-Focused Software Process Improvement